Artist Statement

As a practitioner of the “old ways/rites”, ritual is a fundamental aspect of my creative process.
My deep search for the truth started within myself.
On this very personal journey, I recognised the alienation I felt from my authentic Italian/Germanic heritage as well as theimportance in regaining equilibrium to my feminine and masculine aspects. These two aspects both influenced myunderstanding of the Divine. 


It is therefore that I turn to the Divine Feminine, to a devotion which spread throughout ancient and indigenouscultures. Through the evidence of artefacts left by our ancestors (e.g. Neolithic figurines of the goddess) which, to me,awaken a remembrance of the sense of beauty of unity, which has long since been lost : this beauty is a universal languagethat transcends boundaries and time.

In the ancient past, a mystical connection of the sacred feminine with the Cosmos and Nature was understood to exist - infor example the fertility of the soil, waters, caves, stars, and the moon- all of which symbolize to me the creative forceof Woman.

An extract from Carl Jung’s book “Psychology and Alchemy”, paraphrases the 15th century alchemist Basileus Valentiusreads:

“The Earth (as prima materia) is not a dead body but inhabited by a spirit that is its life and soul. All created things,minerals included, draw their strength from the earth-spirit. The spirit is life, it is nourished by the stars and givesnourishment to all living things it shelters in its womb.” 

In my artwork I aim to elevate all aspects of the feminine alongside the masculine- to the sacred and sublime, through the language of symbolism – and in myuse of colour, geometry, numerology and natural materials. 


Nicole is graduating in July 2022 from The Prince's Foundation-School of Traditional Arts where she undertook a masters course. Showing her paintings alongside her ceramic work at The Garrison Chapel in July.

She speaks through her art and captures the sometimes unseen realities and essence . Forever exploring her inner wisdom as a female in the here and now.

Nicole’s work is beautifully varied from intuitive geometrical drawings, ceramics, clay sculptures and textile art. Her focus to leave the least impact and work in balance with the earth. Expressing a life and light that most fail or struggle to see, which evoke a lost memory and truth.

Nicole’s inspiration derives from prehistoric art, nature, the elements,the cosmos and sacred sites. Being conscious and tending to the  connections and the importance in honouring what we encounter and being responsible in what we bring forth.

Nicole explores the deeper layers of her mystical journey through her art, using natural pigments she makes from plants and earth.

Most of Nicole's work is for sale contact her for sizes and prices.

For more information on Nicole's work, commissions and collaborations get in touch.

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