My desire to work directly with the earth led me to explore different clays and their properties. Working raw untreatedclay with my hands and engaging with these organic materials, allowed me to feel the interconnectedness I was seeking- sothat I began to move naturally towards the forming of vessels, by using the ancient coiling technique. My confidence grew,as I created three archetypal feminine sculptures with apotropaic qualities – that is to say, qualities having the power toavert evil and deflect misfortune.

I used copper patina, Copper is the metal traditionally associated with the planet Venus and it’s blue/green colour evokesand is reminiscent of the sea (mare/madre).

The process of transforming earthenware in the fire, together with the process of extracting pigments from naturalmaterials, alongside my personal transformation and attunement to the original wise ancient alchemical ways, form thefoundations upon which my work is based. 

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